Police (militcia) registration for travelers in Uzbekistan
Traveller's advice

Registration regulations in Uzbekistan are a bit tricky, and great care should be taken to avoid any complications. If you have doubts about anything, don't hesitate to ask OVIR or a local travel company to make absolutely clear your specific requirements. That being said, here are the general registration requirements for tourist visa holders:

1. You must register within three days of entering the country. This means three calendar days. Virtually all hotels in Uzbekistan will automatically do this, free of charge. They will keep your passport overnight, and give you a slip of stamped paper with your registration on it in the morning. Do not lose this paper, as you will need to show it at the border to prove your registration. You do not need to provide any extra documentation besides your passport.

2. The authorities in Uzbekistan are rather obsessed with where you stay during your visit and for how long. In general, with a tourist visa, you may stay in hotels or private houses as you wish. However, to stay in a private house or other non-licensed location, you must register with OVIR, who will keep your passport for a couple days for processing. This is supposed to be done through the organization which produced your invitation (LOI). This registration has your local address and contact information for the duration of stay in that spot. If you receive such a registration and decide to travel to another location, however, you will need to re-register at your next destination. This type of registration can require a fee which varies on a case-by-case basis. For multiple-entry visa holders, registration is required upon each entry.

3. Failure to register is considered a major crime in Uzbekistan, and will result in large fines or deportation (or at least a major hassle). As always, don't procrastinate and don't try to negotiate with the authorities yourself for failing to register.

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