The guesthouses in Uzbekistan
Visits to native homes in Uzbekistan. Community based tourism in Uzbekistan

As a tree branch is made for a bird to perch upon, so is a home built for a guests to visit.

Uzbek saying

Uzbekistan is a multi-ethnic country where more the 80 nationalities live, famous not only for its rich history, numerous ancient monuments and unique natural landscapes, but also for its wonderful hospitality.

Visits to local homes, staying with families of different nationalities living in Uzbekistan, learning the history and culture of the region by experiencing all its traditions firsthand, getting acquainted with the local cuisine, participating in the cooking of various dishes from ecologically pure products and in agricultural production - all the above listed activities are available for you to experience something interesting, new and unusual.

The guesthouses in Tashkent
  • Gulnara Guest house   >>>
  • Uzbek national house of Murad Mirzo   >>>
  • Akbar-Shokh Guest house   >>>

    The guesthouses in Fergana Valley
  • Visit to the Akbarovs guesthouse in Fergana   >>>
  • Visit to the Mudabarkhon Abdurakhmanova guesthouse in Kokand   >>>
  • Visit to the Masuma Yunusova guesthouse in Samarkand   >>>
  • Visit to the national house of Abdullo Narzullayev, a famous ceramist from Gizhduvan   >>>
  • Visit to the house of famous silk producer Turgunbay Mirzaakhmedov in Margilan   >>>

    The guesthouses in Karakalpakstan
  • Visit to the Khodjaev guesthouse in Ellikkalinsky region   >>>
  • Visit to the Yusupov guesthouse in Kazanketken   >>>
  • Visit to the Dospanov guesthouse in Muynak   >>>

    The guesthouses in Nurata moutains
  • Visit to the Mutabarís guesthouse in Sentyab village   >>>
  • Visit to the Rachimaís guesthouse in Sentyab village   >>>
  • Visit to the Shiringulís guesthouse in Hayat village   >>>
  • Visit to the Djumagulís guesthouse in Uhum village   >>>

  • Rural tourism in Uzbekistan   >>>

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  • Pictures of Uzbek Home
    Pictures of Uzbek Home
    Pictures of Uzbek Home
    Pictures of Uzbek Home
    Pictures of Uzbek Home
    Pictures of Uzbek Home
    Pictures of Uzbek Home
    Pictures of Uzbek Home
    Pictures of Uzbek Home

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