Uzbekistan. Naturally Irresistible!
Uzbekistan Irresistible concept by the Uzbekistan Irresistible Club

Dear partners and friends,

Herewith allow us to introduce to you our concept of Uzbekistan! Naturally Irresistible :

In every language, every word has a denotation and connotation. Before selecting a certain word, it is most important that great care be taken, and if any connotation of the word resembles some negative meaning, that word should not be considered for use.

In marketing, promoters occasionally use special words having a negative connotation with the purpose of generating interest.

First, let us describe what Uzbekistan is:

  • it is the heart of Central Asia;
  • it has deserts, mountains, rivers, fields, and rich plant and animal life; a very fascinating, long history; an unspoiled culture having its roots in geography; 4 seasons; and healthy, glowing faces.

    Naturally as explained in the Thesaurus:

    Irresistible as explained in the Thesaurus:

    In the case of many slogans, the problem is they carry other connotations in different languages when translated.
    Our logo passes the test and has only positive meanings in all the World's major languages.

    The punchline must have one very important quality: it should be short and its words must be powerful. Our punchline has an additional plus point, which is that it has vigor and emotional attachments.

    In advertising, the punchline tries to summarize the entire message.
    In tourism, countries have tried to summarize the country's image in their slogan:
    Malaysia is selling itself as: "Malaysia, Truly Asia"
    Greece: "Land of the Gods"
    India: "Incredible India"
    Vietnam: "The hidden charm"
    Singapore: "Uniquely Singapore"

    We in Uzbekistan have not been able to create a punchline, so that our international efforts should have more impact and harmony, and thus greater results.

    We feel very strongly that by adopting our recommendations, Uzbekistan will have the most powerful punchline and therefore more success in international promotions.

    We have developed a marketing campaign for the promotion of Uzbekistan, whose objective is to generate interest in Uzbekistan by developing products in line with customer requirements and by extending the use of the latest marketing technologies and our products to wholesellers.

    Our products target the following types of customers:

  • Corporate: to offer Uzbekistan as a destination for holding conferences and seminars, in order to promote the business-friendly image of Uzbekistan.
  • Associations: to offer Uzbekistan as a destination for organizing annual group vacations and retreats.
  • Masses:Family tours, Religious tours, Historical tours, Recreational tours, Transit destination.

    Target areas:
    Asia: Southeast Asia, Far East, China, Middle East, Russia, CIS, and most European countries.

    Our main target - Asia - has a combined population of more than 4 billion people and contains the fastest developing economies. Because of recent high economic growth and difficulties in obtaining Western visas, more and more people from developing countries are traveling to Asian destinations and thus a great boom is occurring.

    Asia has registered the greatest growth in outbound tourism, and now all major tourism destinations are offering attractive and cheap tours to meet the demand.

    Our Uzbekistan is definitely capable of competing as an attractive destination and thus bringing foreign exchange and economic benefits to the masses.

    All of Our promotions will be marketed under the logo of Uzbekistan. Naturally Irresistible!.

    Sincerely yours,

    Uzbekistan Irresistible Club

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