Uzbekistan. Naturally Irresistible!
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Dear Visitor!

The Uzbekistan Irresistible Club is a project designed to link the Central Asian region to the World by providing facilitation and assistance to people, businessmen, and governments.

We intend to facilitate cultural, travel, transport, and economic links between nations and strongly feel that our efforts will bring both prosperity to the region and financial benefit to us.

The Central Asian countries, especially Uzbekistan located in the heart of the region, deserve a great future and can contribute much to the general well-being of humanity as a result of their vast human and natural resources.

We are beginning our mission from Uzbekistan by promoting a positive image under the slogan: Uzbekistan! Naturally Irresistible .

Everybody is invited to be a part of a great future.

Our Tourism, Logistics, Indent and Consultation departments are all fully equipped to facilitate the achievement of a great future for our region. Uzbekistan is a country which deserves to be rated as among the most wonderful and unique, and we in the Uzbekistan Irresistible Club are determined to help the people of the World explore, experience and agree: "Yes, Uzbekistan is indeed Irresistible!".

We feel it is our duty to make every effort and provide every opportunity in order that a greater and greater number of visitors reach Uzbekistan and experience the hidden wonders of this beautiful country.

Every visitor and fan of Uzbekistan is invited to become a part of the Uzbekistan Irresistible Club, and help our fellow humans experience the wonderful and irresistible country of Uzbekistan., a member of the Uzbekistan Irresistible Club, is offering tourist and consultation services to anybody intending to visit or do business in Uzbekistan. already has to its credit many unique successes and we are grateful to our clients, partners, the Uzbek Government and especially its leadership, for helping us in achieving what we could not have achieved on our own, and feel confident that each passing year will bring glory and success to the Uzbek Nation.

Why is Uzbekistan irresistible? We will try to answer...

History and Religions:
The area which comprises today's Uzbekistan has a history spanning millions of years; according to the great historian Arnold J. Toynbee, Central Asians were the first people to tame horses and to teach the world to ride them.

The Zoroastrian Religion was born in Khorezm, and the Aryans of India trace their descent from Samarkand.
Buddhism flourished and left its mark, and evidence of Alexander the Great's conquest still survives.
Islam and its culture flourished and is still the faith followed by the majority of the Uzbek people. The greatest historians, scientists, religious scholars, astronomers, Sufis, and poets have lived here and greatly benefited humanity. If Mecca is the capital of Islamic religion, then Uzbekistan is the capital of Islamic culture: Imam Al Bukhari, Bahaud Din Naqshband, Ibn Sino (Avicena), Al Beruni, Ulugbek, Alisher Navoi, Khawaja Nasar Ud Din, Babur, Beruni, Tamerlane, Al Khorazmi, Termizi, Abdul Khaliq Gijduvani and many other great minds lived and worked in these lands.

The Jews of Bukhara are still one of the main tribes of Judaism.
Orthodox Christianity flourished with the arrival of the Russian Empire.
By visiting modern Uzbekistan, you will travel back into history, by experiencing great relics of antiquity preserved for humankind, both in museums and at monumental archeological sites. One of these is The Quran of Hazrat Usman, displayed in Tashkent.

Uzbeks feel lucky to enjoy all four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

Spring: The Central Asian New Year, Navruz (21st of March), marks the start of Spring. Leaves start budding in the trees, flowers pop up everywhere, people start wearing colorful clothing, and faces start glowing with the arrival of spring. A visitor will feel the cheerfulness and festivity in the air and everywhere. Bazaars are full of cherries and strawberries at low prices.

Summers are pleasantly warm, and for this reason people generally do not use air conditioning or fans during the summer, days are warm and evenings are comfortably cool. People go swimming in lakes such as beautiful Charvak, spend time hiking in the hills and retreat to dachas (Russian name for summer cabins). People dress in light colors and sandals. Women in bikinis roam the lake beaches, which for visitors is a wonderful sight. Sweet melons, peaches, apricots, watermelons, apples, grapes, raspberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, and fresh and organic vegetables are available everywhere.

With the start of autumn, bazaars fill with shoppers, people begin buying their winter clothing, start preserving vegetables and fruits for winter, leaves fall and local residents begin preparations for winter. Tasty fruits like persimmons, figs, quinces, pomegranates and plums are matchless, very cheap and sold in city and local bazaars.

Sometimes winters are abruptly early and sometimes thankfully late. Some years, even December has autumn weather, though usually winter begins in November. With the start of winter, children play in the snow and the country sports the look of a winter wonderland. Snow lovers make the trip to the Chimgan and Beldersay resorts to play winter games and sports, and the majority hang out in their centrally heated homes. Hotels, stores, and the metro are centrally heated.

The four seasons in Uzbekistan leave their pleasant impressions and life keeps moving forward.

Words are insufficient to describe all the beauty of Uzbek culture. Dresses, music, poetry, elderly people, children, women, hospitality, food, houses, mahallahs, sports, castes, respect for elders, respect for women, care of children, vendors in bazaars, theaters, museums, folk arts, people of different nationalities and religions living together sharing and respecting their differences etc. People in local communities still share the good (marriages) and bad times (deaths) together.
While in Uzbekistan, the Visitor will every day experience many pleasant aspects of Uzbek culture and will find that days, weeks, months, and years are not sufficient to fully experience it.
We can assure one thing to our visitors, that they will always long to experience Uzbek Culture again.

Taste the plov, kazan kabob, shashlik, lagman, narin, suzma, non, kazi, tabaka, shurpa, damlama, tandir kabob, salads, black and green tea, ayran, wine, cognac, vodka, champagne, and juices, and you will find a uniqueness of taste and freshness. You will forever have the urge to taste them again, again, and... always.

Uzbek hosts take pride in serving their guests personally. You will experience this respect and when your host breaks non (bread) into small pieces, he will serve you tea in a piala, and bring food to the table (dastarkhon). Every moment of your meal will be an unforgettable experience.

Just listen to Sherali Djuraev and you will forget everything else, you may not understand the meaning but every word he sings you will feel deep in your soul. Just listen to the Group Yalla and you will experience great musical knowledge, listen to Yulduz Usmanova and you will feel the presence of a real Uzbek woman.
The singers will sing poetry which will soothe your body, and you will wish that the music would never end and life would go on forever accompanied by Uzbek music. Uzbeks are a music loving people, and a visitor will be surprised by people working while listening to music. Uzbeks have an ear for nice music, because of which a visitor will find Russian, Tatar, Armenian, Ukrainian, Indian, Punjabi, Greek, Spanish and every type of popular music played in restaurants, cafes and bars.

If you have the pleasure of visiting Uzbekistan during the summer, you will definitely taste the sweet melons and won't believe such tasty fruit is naturally possible.
You will lustily feast on watermelons, black grapes, finger grapes, apricots, persimmons, pears, figs, apples, shahtuts, peaches and every other type of fruit imaginable. You'll be sorry that your stomach does not have more capacity!
On the flight home, definitely buy all the fruit for your friends and family you can carry, and feel confident that you are bringing to them the greatest gifts which God has bestowed upon the land of Uzbekistan.

Tashkent, the heart of Central Asia, and the largest city in the region, is the first Islamic capital city to have an underground railway (metro). The most beautiful metro in the world, wide roads, lush green trees, clean wide streets, beautiful buildings, squares, museums, theatres, restaurants, night clubs, mosques, synagogues, churches, covered bazaars, parks, monuments, colleges, universities, stadiums, hospitals and above all 2.5 Million of the most hospitable people in the World are just some of the features of Tashkent life.
Great Samarkand - the Capital of Temur, with its ancient monuments and bazaars; Holy Bukhara - the city of Minarets; Khiva - a walled-in museum city; Termez, Sharkhrisabz, Namagan, Andijhan, Fergana, Kokand and many more historic urban centers await you.

Uzbeks, Russians, Koreans, Tatars, Armenians, Ukrainians, Georgians, Germans, Tajiks, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Azerbaijanis, Kurds, Turkmen, Iranians, and many more live here side by side.
In Uzbekistan, many nationalities and religions have lived together for hundreds of years, following their own faiths and culture but contributing towards the richness of Uzbekistan and sharing and working together to achieve the great future which Uzbekistan anticipates.
A visitor will be surprised to find Muslims, Jews, and Christians participating and sharing together in happiness and sorrow. The most disciplined and hard working people live in Uzbekistan.
Uzbeks are the most hospitable nation. Travelers are welcomed into private homes, sometimes without invitation; guestsare often received with open arms at marriage parties and other ceremonies. While in Uzbekistan, guests experience the feeling of being welcomed wherever they go.

The Republic of Uzbekistan is a secular democracy.
The Country has an elected President , a Prime Minister who heads the Cabinet of Ministers, and Ministers responsible for their respective Ministries. The Country has an upper House called the Senate and a Parliament, called the Aali Majlis .

Security: Uzbekistan is a country where a foreigner can walk alone late into the night without fear of being attacked. No terrorism, no sectarianism, no racial tensions, no lawlessness.
Hospitable, helpful people and a Government most concerned about the security and well being of its visitors.
Political stability and security are the key conditions of the rapid development of tourism over the last few years.

All the old and ancient monuments: Registan, Gur Emir, Kalyan Minar, Shah-E-Zinda, Bibi Khanum Mosque, Kalta Minor and many more are living symbols of a great heritage. The Taj Mahal, Badshahi Mosque and many monuments are based on Uzbek architecture. Amir Temur Museum, Navoi Theatre and many other buildings are also signs of the the new dimension of Uzbek architecture.

Welcome to Uzbekistan - an oasis of peace, a land where ancient history and modern culture converge!

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