Registration of stay in Uzbekistan
Registration formalities in Uzbekistan

Registration in Uzbekistan is essential and unavoidable. To enjoy your stay, follow the rules and make sure you are registered promptly.

The general rule is you must be registered within 72 hours of entering the country.
You may not stay without registration, as this is illegal!
If you leave the country within 72 hours of arrival you are free from registration.

It is permissable to stay in a hotel or private house with Tourist visa. If you stay in a legal hotel you will be registered automatically and free of charge. You pay only the hotel fee. The hotel provides you with a registration card. Do not lose this card. You must keep this and present it at customs control when leaving the country.
Note: This only applies to tourist visa. Business and private visa holders MUST be registered individually at OVIR BY THE INVITING ORGANIZATION OR INDIVIDUAL.

If you stay in flat or private house, you must register in person at the Local Police Department of Registration, (OVIR in Russian). Those who issued a letter of invitation (LOI) for you must help you with your registration, bringing all necessary documents to OVIR and completing the requisite forms. This service is chargeable, fees vary.

After filling in all necessary forms and paying applicable fees, your passport will be kept at the OVIR office for a few days, as per the demands of the registration process. Keep a copy of your passport (make a copy of the page with the visa as well) with you at all times.

It would be better if the organization which invited you into the country makes a written note on the copy of your passport, which indicates the passport itself is in OVIR for registration. Please note: a seal must authenticate any legal notification such as this in Uzbekistan. So, with the annotated copy of your passport, sealed with an excellent blue seal you can feel safe to walk around.

Finally, OVIR will beautify your passport with another stamp, which is a residence registration with the address of your place of stay. Pay attention to the expiry date of a residence registration.

Note: Even if you do not need visa support for entry, if you have a private visa, multiple entry visa, moved to another place of stay and so on, you must be registered or re-registered.

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