"Under Sail" - route along the shores of Aydarkoul Lake
Travel on the rivers, lakes, reservoirs and coastal areas of Uzbekistan. Active recreation in Uzbekistan

"Under Sail" - route along the shores of Aydarkoul Lake Duration: 5 days, 4 nights
Accommodation: tent camp
Tour itinerary: Aydarkoul Lake - Kyzyl-kum desert - Charvak Lake

Dear friends! OrexCA.com is proud to invite you to experience a new type of active recreation - a fascinating "Tour under sail", which involves traveling on the rivers, lakes, reservoirs and coastal areas of Uzbekistan in a variety of vessels and craft. If you lead an active life style and seek a breathtaking, exciting adventure and a truly unforgettable experience, you have just found it! Ride aboard motor boats, sailing yachts, pleasure or sport catamarans, quadri-cycles, and water skis and scooters - or choose from a variety of other means of transportation. You will conquer the azure expanse of the Aydarkoul Lake, which stretches into the heart of Kyzyl-kum desert. You will storm the deep blue waters of the mountainous Charvak Lake. We will satiate your appetite for the extreme, while providing extremely high quality service - exclusively for you!

Tour itinerary: Aydarkoul Lake - Kyzyl-kum desert - Charvak Lake

Under the "White desert sun" program we offer a five-day route along the shores of Aydarkoul.

Starting point of tour can be reached from:

- Tashkent - Sentob (300 km.)
- Samarkand - Nurata (260 km.) - Sentob (30 km.)
- Bukhara - Nurata (260 km.)

1st day

- Meeting in Sentob, P.M.;
- Transfer Sentob - Aydarkoul shore (30 km);
- Lodging in tent camp at the Aydarkoul shore (30 km);
- Lecture on safety rules;

2nd day

- Breakfast;
- 3-hour sail along lake shore;
- Lunch at the shore, rest time;
- One more 3-hour sail to night camp;
- Supper on shore;
- Overnight rest in tent camp;

3rd day

- Breakfast ;
- Trip to Nuratau - Kyzyl-kum biosphere reserve, with lunch and rest in guest house;
- Transfer to tent camp at lake shore;;
- Supper on lake shore;
- Overnight rest in tent camp;

4th day

- Breakfast;
- Launching of catamarans;
- Full-day sail. Lunch at water;
- Choosing a place for tent camp;
- Supper on shore;
- Rest and extra activities (fishing, etc.)
- Overnight rest in tent camp;

5th day

- Breakfast;
- Contests under sail;
- Rest on shore
- Extra activities;
- Goodbye supper;
- Transfer to Sentob.

Facilities and technical support available during the trip

The trip will be led by professional sailors and arranged as daylight voyages under sail from one tent camp to another. Waterborne yachts are escorted by a rescue team which follows the sail caravan in a motor boat.

Tourist craft and vessels

Catamaran "Albatross" (2-3 travelers)
Catamaran "Prostor" (2-3 travelers)

Escort vessels

Motor boat "Rhythm", equipped with radio, surveillance equipment, echo sounder and megaphone. Maximum speed is 55 km/h.

On-water safety facilities

1. Individual life vests.
2. Each craft is equipped with:

  • radio
  • binoculars
  • route map
  • flare gun with two flares
  • first aid kit
  • life ring
  • guy and outboard end
  • water-tight food container

Tent camp

Tent camp is established at overnight rest sites by the support team, possibly involving the help of travelers on a voluntary basis.

Guest house

A comfortable guest house is located on the shore of Aydarkoul Lake, some 30 km away from Sentob, offering services equal to a three-star hotel. The guest house can accommodate up to 30 travelers at a time.

The guest house facilities include:

  • Single and Double rooms;
  • Uzbek yurt;
  • satellite dish TV and communications;
  • boat and yacht pier;
  • motor boat;
  • sailing yacht;

Extra services

The following services may be provided upon request and for an additional fee:

  • riding a "Tornado" sports catamaran;
  • sailing a "Laser" yacht;
  • windsurfing;
  • trampoline;
  • riding a "banana";
  • water skiing;
  • quadri-cycles;
  • scooters;
  • fishing gear and guide;
  • Yeager's services;

Suggested seasons:

  • April to June - the time of flourishing and new green growth, air temperature is +15С to +30С, water temperature is +25С;
  • August to October - air temperature is +30С to +20С, water temperature is +26С
  • Hot season, called "chilla" (25 July - 15 August), is not recommended for these types of activities. Instead, it is recommended you visit the Zaamin and Chimgan mountains and the Charvak reservoir.

Price includes:

  • assistance upon arrival and departure from entry and exit points;
  • transportation along the route;
  • lodging in tent camps;
  • traveling under sail;
  • catering (all meals included);
  • water rescue and coastal support team;

Not included in the price:

  • Photo and video filming;
  • Tips for the support team;
  • Medical insurance;
  • Extra services;
  • Transfers to the starting point and from the exit point;
  • Stays in the guest houses at Aydarkoul and Nuratau will require additional fees, which will be provided for in the tourist group service contract.
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