Wheather Forcast of Nurata, Uzbekistan, for a week.

Weather in Nurata for 10 days

Month Avg.High Avg.Low Mean Avg.Precip. Avg.High Avg.Low Mean Avg.Precip.
Jan 42°F 26°F 33°F 2.20 in. 6°C -3°C 1°C 55.9 mm
Feb 46°F 29°F 36°F 1.90 in. 8°C -2°C 2°C 48.3 mm
Mar 57°F 39°F 48°F 2.80 in. 14°C 4°C 9°C 71.1 mm
Apr 71°F 49°F 60°F 2.50 in. 22°C 9°C 16°C 63.5 mm
May 81°F 56°F 69°F 1.30 in. 27°C 13°C 21°C 33.0 mm
Jun 91°F 63°F 78°F 0.30 in. 33°C 17°C 26°C 7.6 mm
Jul 96°F 66°F 82°F 0.20 in. 36°C 19°C 28°C 5.1 mm
Aug 93°F 63°F 78°F 0.10 in. 34°C 17°C 26°C 2.5 mm
Sep 83°F 54°F 68°F 0.20 in. 28°C 12°C 20°C 5.1 mm
Oct 69°F 45°F 56°F 1.30 in. 21°C 7°C 13°C 33.0 mm
Nov 57°F 38°F 46°F 1.80 in. 14°C 3°C 8°C 45.7 mm
Dec 47°F 31°F 38°F 2.10 in. 8°C -1°C 3°C 53.3 mm
Uzbekistan has an extreme continental climate. It is generally warmer in the south and colder in the north.
The average temperatures in December are -8C (18F) in the north and 0C (32 F) in the south. However, extreme fluctuations are mesured as low as -35C (-31F).

During the summer temperatures can reach 45C (113F) and above. Humidity is low.

The Spring (April to June) and the Fall (September through October) are in general the most pleasant times to travel. In the Fall is a harvest time, and the markets are full of fresh fruit.

If you're interested in trekking, then summer (July and August) is the best time, because summers are almost dry.

In recent years Uzbekistan was notably affected by the global warming and dry-out of the Aral Sea, which turned from snowy cold winters to mild with less precipitation by allowing to travel in the wintertime.

In table are shown the average temperatures in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan.

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