A visit and stay in the local house of the Dospanov's family in Muynak
Rural tourism in Uzbekistan. Community Based Tourism Tourism in Karakalpakstan

Address: City of Muynak, Karakalpakstan

Description: This guesthouse is a single structure of baked brick, which consists of five rooms, with the interior decorated in national Karakalpak style.

Guesthouse can receive up to 8 visitors at one time. House is equipped with a bathroom and shower.

The owner of the guest house, Sagynbay Dospanov, a native of the Muynak area (professor), organizes trips and excursions to the Museum of regional studies at Muynak and the famous "ship graveyard", and tells fascinating stories of the history of the Aral Sea.

  • Cost of stay - US$ 35 per person, including breakfast;
  • Lunch and dinner - US$ 10;
  • Tour of local sites - US$ 8.

    Just tell us the time and date when you plan to make a visit to the workshop with OrexCA.com.

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