Nature Reserves in Uzbekistan

Abdusamatsky (13 km2) was formed in 1974 in the Fergana Region to preserve pheasant and tugai.

Abdusamatsky Nature Reserve was formerly a State Reserve with an area of 22 km2.

Akbulaksky (352 km2) is a buffer zone for Chatkalsky National Park.

Arnasaisky (630 km2) was also once a State Reserve. In Djizak Region, its mission is the preservation of Lake Tuzkan.

Sangardaksky (38 km2) is located in the Surkhan Darya Region, at the headwaters of the Sangardak River.

Djeiran EcoCenter (51 km2) was formed in 1977 to breed endangered djeiran (Gasella subgutturosa) and MacQueen's bustard (Chlamydotis undulata). Located in the Bukhara Region in a sand and clay desert, this unique institution is classified here as a nature reserve only as a result of recent events.

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