The legend about Anoush
Legends of Khiva

Abulgazi-Khan, one of the most respected Khiva rulers (1643-1663), had only sons. At first he was very glad, but when his ninth son was born he confessed that he would like to have a daughter as well. A world from the ruler had the power of law.

When the tenth baby was born the khan was told it was a girl. Abulgazi ordered that the girl be named after his favorite concubine Anousha.

Many years later Abulgazi-Khan, a talented military leader nicknamed Bakhadur (strong man) for his heroic deeds, was taken prisoner by the Emir of Bukhara in one of the numerous battles he waged to strenghten Khiva's position.

His senior sons were in no hurry to help their father, and only Anousha set out for Bukhara.

"Abulgazi-Khan has nine sons, why is it his daughter who came to help him?" asked the Emir of Bukhara. "And how are you going to liberate him?"

"Promise that you will set him free if I surprise you," said Anousha.

"If you surprise me I will set him free," said the ruler of Bukhara scetpically.

Than Anousha took off her clothes and... turned out to be a boy. The khan was dumbfounded and set Abulgazi-Khan free.

On returning home, the ruler of Khiva said, "It turns out that I have only one son - Anousha, and not nine."

In gratitude for his rescue he built a mosque and therapeutic baths and named them after his son.
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    Pictures of Khiva
    Pictures of Khiva
    Pictures of Khiva
    Pictures of Khiva
    Pictures of Khiva
    Pictures of Khiva
    Pictures of Khiva
    Pictures of Khiva
    Pictures of Khiva

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