Historical monuments of Termez and the Surkandarya region
Monuments of Uzbekistan

  • Kampir-Tepa fortress of the Greek Bactrian period (4thc.- 2thc. BC.)
  • Old Termez Settlement - 18 km to the north of Termez

    Monuments of Buddhism:

  • Kara-Tepa Monastery (2nd-4th c. AD.)
  • The Buddhist complex of Fayaz-Tepa (1st-3rd c. AD.)
  • Zurmala Tower (1st-2nd c. AD.)
  • Dalverzintepa

    Monuments of Muslim culture:

  • Architectural Complex of Khakimi Termezi (10th-15th c.)
  • Architectural Ensemble Sultan-Saodat (10th-15th c.)
  • Bridge of Iskandar (16th c.)
  • Dzharkurgan minaret (1108-1109)
  • Kyrk-Kyz Khanaka (9th-14tth c.)
  • Khanaka Kokaldor Ota (16thc.)
  • Madrassah Sayid Atalik (16th c.)
  • Chor Sutun Mosque and Minaret (9th-11th c.)
  • Palace of the Termez rulers (11th-12th c.)

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