Dzharkurgan minaret
Historical monuments of Termez and the Surkandarya region

Two kilometers away to the west from modern district center Dzharkurgan, among the gardens there is well-formed minaret. Octahedron makes a basis, each side of which is decorated with arched niche. Above niche there are inscriptions made on terracotta plates and framed. This epigraphic belt completes a plinth of the monument.

Narrow entrance was installed in one of niches but was blocked in 1948 during repairing works. Walls of octahedron are dug into ground by 1.5 meter. A foundation was made of brick. 16 semi-circular columns form balanced body of minareth. In the upper part there arches that bear wide epigraphic belt and the second part of minareth being almost lost join gofers.

Minaret was built of bricks (28x28x4.5 sm) on the ghanch plastering. Inscription on the plinth contains a date of construction - 1108-1109, and another inscription - a name of architect "Work by Ali, a son of Mukhammad from Serakhs". In Central Asia only Dzharkurgan Minareth has goffered surface.

Information from
The multimedia-encyclopedia "TERMEZ-2500"

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