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The fine art collection of the Samarkand Museum of History and Art consists of about 4,000 paintings, graphic works and sculptures.

The exhibits include works by well-known Russian artists such as Alexander Nikolaev, better known as Usto Mumin, as well as Boore, Dudin, Karazin, Nikitin and Vereshaghin, whose works depict the history and life of the people of Central Asia.

The collections of the museum include seven works by Vereshchaghin (1842-1904): 'Steppe landscape', 'Native Jew', 'Singer with dutar', 'Steppe hunters', 'The Mulfah at a School', 'Mirza-bek, Envoy of the Bukhara Amir' and 'The Palace of the Amir, Samarkand'.

Dudin's (1863-19-29) painting 'The Dervish' is an ethnographic representation of a Muslim ascetic of the beginning of the 20th century.

The symbolic painting 'Boy with a Quail' by Usto Mumin (1897-1957) shows a mixture of influences from the east, the Italian Renaissance and Russian icons.

In the early works of Boore (1897-1943), of which there are about 400 in the museum, we can see the historic neighbourhoods and architectural monuments of Bukhara and Samarkand and ethnographic studies, Uzbek painting of the 20th century is represented by works by Benkov, Kovafevskaya, Ahmedov, Djalolov, Isaev, Kalonov and Chariev.

Address: Art Gallery, Central Park
Tel.: (+ 998 662) 33 51 43


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