Examples of teambuilding programs provided by OrexCA.com

Dear Partners,
Thank you for your interest in our services. Please look through some of our Uzbekistan team-building ideas. No of participants 40-80 pax.

1. Intelligent and creative activities, targeted on development of creative thinking and efficient team collaboration.

No of participants: 10-80 pax.
  • "Bridge" - participants are divided in teams to create and build a real bridge, the Juri will evaluate the winner-team. Participants get an opportunity to show their creative and intelligent skills and knowledges of various human being spheres: science, engineering, mechanics, architecture, design etc. Work materials are office stationery: paper, clips, scissors, markers etc.
    This training uncovers the manysidedness of all participants and helps the evaluation of their personal capacities.

  • "Babylon" - team-building training programme, focused on development of personal communicative skills, when each participant should contribute to the efficiency of entire team. The task is to draw a fine-featured and exact tower, by means of harmonious and team efforts.

    Average budget - 1000-1500 US$ inclusive of:
    - professional trainer;
    - equipment (sound, video);
    - attributes (stationery, printed materials).

    2. Entertaining activities to strengthen the loyalty of company members.

  • Beauty Contest - participants select the jury to bestow the competitioners (professional models, 10 persons). Along with the Beauty Contest the Fashion Show by Uzbek designers will take place. The winner of the Contest is awarded with a diadem and "Queen of the Ball" title. Jury also bestows the "King of the Ball" from among the participants, who gets a right the Queen for a dance and gives her a present.

    Average budget - 2100-2800 US$ inclusive of:
    - MC;
    - models (10 persons);
    - equipment (sound, video);
    - attributes (diadem, etc);
    - decorations.

    To make the party more interesting and great is better to use some themes:

    1. Octoberfest

    Party stylized in popular German holiday with many traditions: beer, appetizers, themed games and contests, shows, disco.
    Standard program includes:
    - MC;
    - Dance show (2 groups, 10 entries);
    - Live music orchestra;
    - Magician;
    - Themed decorations;
    - Sound & Light equipment;
    Average budget: 2300-3000 US$.

    2. Aloha Hawaii

    Pool party in Hawaii style: themed costumes, accessories, cocktails, punch, disco.
    Standard program includes:
    - MC;
    - Dance show (1 group, 5 entries);
    - Live music orchestra;
    - Body-art Show;
    - Themed decorations;
    - Sound & Light equipment;
    Average budget: 1700-2400 US$.

    We suppose, we can offer our guests a proposal for corporate party that will leave unforgettable impressions for all of the participants.

    Just write us…

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