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Address:    24, Ataturk Str., Tashkent, 100029
Phone:    (+998 71) 233 81 65, 233 42 10, 233 32 05, 233 97 15

Plays are held:    on weekdays at 18:30, on Saturday and Sunday at 17:00
Ticket price:    3-6 US$

This theatre was created in 1934. The founders of the theatre were its art director, V. A. Chirkin, and director, M. K. Vulkonsky. The basis of the repertoire has been modern plays, dealing with current issues, taking into consideration social, moral and ethical questions. At various times, the plays of V. Vishnevski, A. Arbuzov, K. Simonov, V. Rozov, M. Roshchin, I. Dvoretski, A. Salynski, A. Gelman, M. Shatrov, A. Chhaidze and many others have been produced.

The theatre has played a significant role in the development of theatrical culture in Uzbekistan, enriching the repertoire and achievements of Uzbek dramatic art. The plays of famous Uzbek playwrights, Khamza, N. Safarova, A. Kahhar, S. Azimov, M. Shejhzade, S. Ahmad, and T. Zulfikarov, have also been staged. The activity of the Russian theatre is an example of the creative commonwealth of the two national cultures. Many performances are among the number of its significant achievements of theatrical art from the thirties to the fifties. These include "Boris Godunov" (1935), "Peter I" (1938), "Masquerade" (1939), "Three sisters" (1941), "Gore ot uma" (1944), "At a brisk pace" (1949), and "Dachniki" (1952). The theatre has become a creative center of realistic art, in which dedication to the vital truth is combined with vivid theatricality.

The troupe of the theatre is formed at the invitation of well known actors and directors. Its initial cast: V. Chirkin and E. Prostov (direction), A. Zagarov, E. Lenina, A. Shestakov, N. Firsov, L. Petrova, G. Zagurskaja, P. Davydov, O. Andreeva, O. Gerasimova, A. Rozantsev, N. Hachaturov and others. The cast from the very beginning has been quite strong and has defined the character of the creativity of the theatre.

Russian Drama Theater
Russian Drama Theater
Russian Drama Theater
Russian Drama Theater
Russian Drama Theater
Russian Drama Theater

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