Uzbekistan. History, monuments and pictures of Karshi, southern Uzbekistan

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Geographical coordinates: 38°52'00" N 65°48'00" E
Population: 226,000
Time zone: UTC+5
Telephone code: + 998 75
Automobile codes: 70-74

Karshi, is a city in southern Uzbekistan, in Kashqadaryo province about 520 km south-southwest of Tashkent, and about 335 km north of Uzbekistan's border with Afghanistan.

In the early 1970s the first section of a major irrigation project was completed to divert water from the Amu-Darya River in Turkmenistan eastward into Uzbekistan to irrigate the land surrounding Karshi. The water from the Amu-Darya was in addition to water already being diverted from the Zeravshan River near Bukhara, about 160 km northwest of Karshi. Almost all of the irrigated lands around Karshi are planted with cotton. The city is important in natural gas production; the Shurtan gas field and a large processing facility are located northwest of the city.

Karshi has been linked by rail with Tashkent and Almaty, Kazakhstan, since the completion of a single-track rail line in 1970. Karshi is famous for its production of woven flat carpets.
Karshi has a teacher-training institute, as well as a music and drama theater.
Although records are sparse, Karshi is known to be at least 1000 years old. Karshi sits along an ancient caravan route from Samarkand through Bukhara and into Afghanistan and India. The city was named Nakhshab until the 14th century when a Turkish fort was built and named Karshi, the Turkish word for fort. Population (1994) 177.000.

Historical and architectural monuments of Karshi

  • Kok mosque
  • Kok-Gumbaz
  • Abdulazaz Khadja madrasah
  • Yer Kurgan settlement

    Read the legend and you will know how Karshi has become it's name

  • Pictures of Karshi
    Pictures of Karshi
    Pictures of Karshi
    Pictures of Karshi
    Pictures of Karshi
    Pictures of Karshi
    Pictures of Karshi
    Pictures of Karshi
    Pictures of Karshi
    Pictures of Karshi
    Pictures of Karshi
    Pictures of Karshi

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