Bazaars in Uzbekistan
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If traveling through the different countries of the world is the best way to discover their essence, a stop in a bazaar to let yourself be carried away by the display of noises, aromas and colors will always be an important goal for travelers, for those who want to get involved in the hustle and bustle in order to glimpse the roots of the society that surrounds them, as well as for those who are content to enjoy the bazaar as a purely aesthetic experience, an authentic gift for the senses.

Uzbekistan is situated in the region made up of the group of countries and cultures of Central Asia. It is an area with specific features derived from the various peoples who settled the territory and engaged in vigorous trade.

The market is an economic institution governed by its own rules. It makes trading activity more efficient. It means law and order, agreements, valuations, coins, weights and measures, contracts, guarantees...

The market has played a fundamental role in an urban economy that has had to guarantee foodstuffs and raw materials.

Uzbek markets are a reflection of the ancient traditions and custom of the local people. They reflect the complex, dynamic process in which, as well as goods, people, knowledge, values, ideas and tastes have circulated.

In addition to trade, markets serve other functions that enable us to witness the rhythms of peoples and their traditions. The market is a highly socialized place, a synthesis of specific cultural codes. Markets help to preserve the memories of places. Even in these modern times, all forms of trade are still in existence, from the most primitive rituals of selling and buying goods to the most modern.

People still trade in the open air, on the ground, or use improvised structures such as tables or wood benches to form covered stalls or open air stands, from motor vehicles, temporary booths, or other bases.

Just as in the past, in present times we may find all varieties of vegetables and fruits in the local bazaars: water melons, melons, peaches, cherries, pears, apples, apricots, tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, rice, peanuts, almonds, pistachios and wide variety of spices and dried fruits that come from various regions of Uzbekistan and other parts of Asia; as well as other products that were once unknown, that have only been introduced or established through the bazaar.

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  • Pictures of Uzbek bazaars
    Pictures of Uzbek bazaars
    Pictures of Uzbek bazaars
    Pictures of Uzbek bazaars
    Pictures of Uzbek bazaars
    Pictures of Uzbek bazaars
    Pictures of Uzbek bazaars
    Pictures of Uzbek bazaars
    Pictures of Uzbek bazaars
    Pictures of Uzbek bazaars
    Pictures of Uzbek bazaars
    Pictures of Uzbek bazaars

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