Luxury travel to Uzbekistan
History-laden luxury travel in Uzbekistan. Guided tours with exclusive options: luxurious cars and hotels

A visit to Uzbekistan and see its historical and modern sights, meeting its people, and eating tasty & exotic food, is more than enough to make for an unforgettable trip.

Our Luxury travel tours are far more personal, limited to small groups of fewer than three people with both "off the shelf" and individually designed packages.
You and your tour guide will ramble about in cities; you are allowed to stop and get out of the car to inspect many of the sights up-close, and your guide and our touroperator are always ready to answer any questions you might have and to assist you 24 hours a day.

This is a priceless getaway where you will feel and are treated like our personal guests. VIP service caters to those who want to travel with peace of mind and truly enjoy all that Uzbekistan has to offer.

The tours below are just examples. The tailor-made packages we offer to our clients can be unique and customized to our guests specifications. Since no two people are the same, neither should any two packages. We work with you to put together the perfect package for you and your group including a fully personalized itinerary based on your preferences.
Upon your request we will provide you with a customized itinerary (based on your interests) for the duration of your stay and will make all the necessary reservations showing you the cities, monuments, folklore, nightlife etc. at its best.

Our travel experts are your main contact prior to your arrival in Uzbekistan and during your stay to ensure everything goes smoothly. Once you arrive, you will have a quick meeting with them to go over your package and address any questions or concerns. Our agents are on call 24/7 to answer any further questions or concerns during your stay and to ensure your satisfaction.

Luxury Tours and Exclusive VIP Tour for your Uzbekistan travel! Best value!

  • "A Travel into History". 5 days Luxury travel to Uzbekistan >>>
  • "History and Today". 7 days Luxury travel to Uzbekistan >>>

  • VIP Suites in the hotels of Tashkent and other cities in Uzbekistan >>>
    Are you very careful and demanding when it comes to the quality of your environment and surroundings? When you are planning a vacation, do you want it to be something special? Apart from leaving some unforgettable impressions, must your trip also be comfortable? Congratulations! You have come to the right place!

  • VIP Accomodation in Tashkent province >>>
    The most beautiful and comfortable country rest places amazing imagination of most sophisticated visitor will surround you and underline your status. Picturesque landscapes of pure nature will be opened to your look, you will enjoy fresh air lacking in megacities; skilled and qualified service personnel will enclose you with care and consideration and will do its best to make you feel at home and even better.

  • Tashkent Lakeside Golf Club >>>
    Golf, deeply revered in Western Europe and America with many adherents who make it their way of life, is becoming more and more popular in Uzbekistan. A perfectly organized a golf country club and first class golf course has now been created in Tashkent, where high level competitions are often held.

  • Charter flights throughout Uzbekistan and Central Asia >>>
    If travel is an absolute necessity for you, find out why people are flying smarter... flying business charter! For the first time in Uzbekistan, and Samarkand Airways have created an exclusive product: business aviation services, operating with the Yak-40 aircraft.

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